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"We mean that your a great talent and we will gladly follow you in your progress/
…we mean that you are a real solo talent, and perhaps concerning more
dramatic parts/…/ you are thorough and that makes one feel safe about your
performance and your musicality".

Kasper Bech Holten operachief at The Royal Theatre, CPH.
"The fine priestess of Anna Rydberg also deserves mention".
"Opera", about "Aida" in CPH, may 2005.
"More naked is Anna Rydbergs tormented dramatics in the other ghosts minor
Jan Jacoby, "Politiken", about "The Turn of the Screw", jan 06.
"Anna Rydberg as Miss Jessel is cruelly masked as drowned vixen but has
warmth and intensity in her mezzo".
Lennart Bromander, "Opera" (Swedish version) no 1, 06
about "The Turn of the Screw", CPH, 2006.
"As his beloved is Anna Rydberg a cute, adorabale glims of a young woman
The young voice has more warmth than the alternative…"
Jan Jacoby, "Politiken", about "Maskarade", CPH, dec 06